Node Location: Sheffield, England.

About: P2Pool is a distributed bitcoin mining pool. It works over a pier-to-pier network. You can access the network by using a P2Pool node. If a node goes down for any reason, the other's continue uninterrupted.

This node is ideally placed for British miners in and around Birmingham, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster. These locations should get the lowest ping times (under 50ms). A ping under 100ms is considered acceptable, so if you live further-a-field please consider giving this node a try. Ping times for the main servers are shown below.

Network and Node Information

P2Pool\P2Pool P2Pool\Jtoomim
Network Name: Mainnet Jtoomim
Network Speed: 0 Hps 0 Hps
This Node: 0 Hps 0 Hps
Expected time to block: NAN Seconds NAN Seconds
Current block value: BTC BTC
Share difficulty: 0 0
Statistics: :9332/static/ :9334/static/
Donation:*1 0.5% 0.5%
Fee:*2 0.5% 0.5%
Join Pool Join Pool
Donate Donate

*1 - The donation amount goes to the P2Pool developers so they can continue their work.
*2 - The fee goes to Mine4.com and helps towards the running costs of the node.

Server details (Mainnet)

Username: Your bitcoin address*3
Password: 'mine4', '123' or blank
Main Server : stratum+tcp://p2.mine4.com:9332
Backup Server : stratum+tcp://bk.mine4.com:9332

Server details (Jtoomim)

Username: Your bitcoin address*3
Password: 'mine4', '123' or blank
Main Server : stratum+tcp://p2.mine4.com:9334
Backup Server : stratum+tcp://bk.mine4.com:9334

*3 - Your bitcoin address must begin with a 1, other addresses will not be paid and cannot be traced.

Donate to P2Pool

If you would like to support the miners currently active in either pool please send a BTC donation to one of the addresses below*4. Your donation will be distributed fairly amongst the miners within that pool, using the payment method detailed on the wiki.

P2Pool\P2Pool - 1KvL1pzHzkF6HR2BwoBi12UQUg7N1GtDYV
P2Pool\Jtoomim - 1AZ5VJkgsTtvUMYQZ3JRGLRZ6VxqsrcPVw

If you would like to donate to Mine4.com directly, please send a BTC donation to the address below*4.

Mine4.com - 1AuC8MQMMYtEHFd58MAVBAjLrZZBhfKCmg

Embed code
P2Pool <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mine4.com/donate.php?t=p2pool"></script>
P2Pool/Jtoomim <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mine4.com/donate.php?t=jtoomim"></script>
Mine4.com <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mine4.com/donate.php?t=mine4"></script>

*4 - BTC sent to these address are non-reversible / non-refundable. Please only send what you can afford. Payments under 0.1 BTC will be held until the account balance reaches 0.1 BTC or above.

Mine bitcoins

It is possible to use your website visitors to help you generate Bitcoin. This procedure has got a lot of negative press lately. Mostly due to people doing this surreptitiously.

The code below adds the icon above to your page. It also mines bitcoins. CPU mining is quite slow. But if you have a lot of regular users it may be beneficial and could possibly be a suitable alternative to advertising.

Embed code
P2Pool <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mine4.com/stratum/miner.php?u=yourBTCAddressStarting1"></script>

Found Blocks

278.1 Days56266700000000000000000019b96967874684b63694ecf013d21d71b8084d90593d2fJtoomim
287.4 Days561255000000000000000000033450e86799ccb5937542a0d62a6f4c29c29818093a74Jtoomim
293.6 Days5603400000000000000000000ce09e83049e3e7ad8c658d866e3d7dc719bdd210986efJtoomim
306.4 Days558545000000000000000000046d28d727d7aae8367ac547e5761c1996b54e19926e26Jtoomim
306.8 Days55847300000000000000000021d865444a4196529d662769145fbd28cfbad803011a11Jtoomim
353.9 Days5517950000000000000000001ae8a8094c0cbd4e2db822235f62af328b100d14e2acfeJtoomim
372.6 Days549400000000000000000000008c31945b2012258366cc600a3e9a3ee0598e8f797731Jtoomim
464.6 Days535946000000000000000000099c836d18c4d50622980d5c1bafc83f03bb295f7da913Jtoomim
488.1 Days5322210000000000000000001c2b0214f8ada677b719faa14bb04f03dd231b3624af41Jtoomim
492.6 Days5316160000000000000000000ccb62827fce8bb01ab2df759375cf7b6689714d152ef6Jtoomim
534 Days525396000000000000000000326888aa3391d545ed4fe242f548b6c960cb0452823ad6Jtoomim
571.1 Days5198170000000000000000003a919859754103eb0e9041edef41e5549818b9232f4cc8Jtoomim
591.7 Days51659200000000000000000019bd351519242a7269616063138264d3a07a0f7eee6380Jtoomim
596.8 Days5158280000000000000000000253eb008c988272de462e74a2e18da24d136ba117562dJtoomim
602.8 Days5149400000000000000000004ec916972120e29344fa7f92d65b0e7857e90bfbc95703Jtoomim
606.6 Days5143820000000000000000002f6402c7eeb3ec9dd9477f7f8b58676e6626b2fb59bebfJtoomim
644.3 Days5085660000000000000000004f6674bc78ae8ff72c4115d494e20765ca3b65b2b12eefJtoomim
685.3 Days50194600000000000000000032ce95bace8be2ae0e95048a2aa4e6fdc65347252e2d1cJtoomim

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency developed in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin allows users to trade online like using real currency. You first need a digital wallet to hold your Bitcoins in. Then you can either buy some Bitcoin from an exchange or mine some of your own Bitcoins. Bitcoin wallets hold digital currency and provide you with a unique Bitcoin address. This address is used to send or receive Bitcoins between user’s. Your Bitcoin wallet is encrypted to keep it secure. Make sure you take note of your security information because if you lose access no one can open your wallet for you.

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. The Bitcoin blockchain records all the Bitcoin transactions that happened in each day. When you send or receive Bitcoins it usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. This is because the underlying network needs to agree on the transaction and add it to the chain. The Bitcoin blockchain is like an open distributed ledger, everyone running the network needs to agree that a transaction can take place and add it to their copy of the ledger. This helps to keep the technology safe and secure and stops people making false transactions or entering into a negative balance. The blockchain moves on every 10 minutes. Transactions that have taken place will be added to the chain and the list of open transactions starts to build again.

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. Every time a user sends or receives Bitcoin it is added to an open transaction pool. Miners on the network consider the transaction pool and work towards adding that to the agreed blockchain. The blockchain is like an open distributed ledger, it keeps track of all transactions and moves on every 10 minutes. Bitcoin mining becomes profitable at the point you or someone in your mining pool completes a block. Currently the reward for completing a block is 12.5BTC. This is then usually shared out between the group in a ratio that is equivalent to the amount of work each user has put into mining the block, measured over a given period.

Mine with us.

Mine4.com is an open p2pool node that mines Bitcoin. P2pool is a distributed mining pool that is resilient to DDOS attack. Each node in the pool has a number of users trying to solve the current block. Collectively we make quite a powerful team. If you mine with mine4.com your processing power will be added to the p2pool effort globally. It is always best to join the node closest to you so that you are much more likely to get new work sooner and have a higher valid share rate. Your share rate is used to calculate your pay out. Once a reward is generated for completing a block 12.5BTC will be passed out to all p2pool members. Payments are calculated based on the amount of work each user has put in over the preceding 24-hour period