Dice Game

Rory’s Story Cubes

I first found Rory’s Story Cubes a few years ago and loved the idea. Since then a whole array of themes has been introduced. This article looks at some of the variants available today.

The Original

The original Rory’s story cubes contains 9 dice with 6 unique faces. Rory’s story cubes allow you to roll out a story. The original concept was to roll the dice, line them up into your preferred order, and then tell a story that walks through all of the face-up images.

Mix Box Sets

To expand the story telling potential. Rory’s story cubes added mix sets. The box sets below each contain 3 mix sets. The mix sets are designed to be swapped out with the original set. Swap out just a few to help vary the story telling towards your preferred genera.

Individual Mix Sets

Individual mix sets are available in smaller boxes and are possibly less overwhelming as there is a high temptation to use all the dice.