A place to host my web based projects.

Sometimes the things I write work !


filmsToday.co.uk searches out the days films on sky and freeview channels in the UK. You can also look ahead to see what movies are on tomorrow. If you like the webapp you can install it onto your phone for easy access.


Pinsolo is a great way to meet single people in your local area. Join now to get your pin on the map.


An easy to use piece of javascript code that can be embedded into any website to add share buttons to the page. A super simple way to allow users to share your page to facebook, whatsapp, email, sms etc. (see the bottom of this page for an example of what the buttons look like)


Free picture messaging is a super simple way to send photos without the need to use the MMS network. Simply upload one or many files and forward the download link. Multiple image files are displayed as a gallery.


zip.mine4.com allows you to create password protected zip files. A great way to zip, lock and share your files on-line.

Whats do you wish the web could do?